Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To Soak in the Now-

This time last year I was:
-five months pregnant 
-finally over morning/all-day sickness
-still in shock that we were having a boy
-teaching Kindergarten at my favorite school
-working with the best teachers/people I know
-preparing to go to New York for a "babymoon" with my man
-planning the Pause Weekend camp out
-arranging details for upcoming CARES events at our apartments

Today I am:

-feeling accomplished because my little guy is finally asleep
-exhausted from a full day of work after the usual 3:00am feeding
-sore from toting around my twenty-pound little love all evening #clingyphase aha
-staring at the mess of boxes and clutter that come with preparing to move
-still teaching Kindergarten, yet at a completely different school
-trusting the Lord's guidance in the beginning phases of The Well Church

All of this in ONE year.
So much has changed. 
I have changed. 
I am still changing and trying to boldly walk in the new roles the LORD has graciously given me. And it is hard. It's rewarding and liberating to know that life is not stagnant; that the Lord is at work within me, using me and challenging me in new ways. Still, there are growing pains and the need to slow down, to process, to relate, to share, to reflect and remember; to soak in the now, whatever it may be. It is my hope to really feel things, to dwell deeply in the work of the Lord in my life and in those around me. Without taking time to notice it, to reflect on it, to wrestle with it, I've begun to see that I will miss it completely.

So, hello blogspot. 
Here is some of my story.